New Year’s Resolutions and Birthdays

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New Year’s Resolutions and Birthdays

I don’t like my birthday.
It feels just like any other day, with no specific meaning. And yet, people hand me presents and tell me they care. And I only feel like I haven’t achieved anything to deserve it.

I do love New Year’s Day.
It feels like a new beginning, and a fresh start, with blank pages in a new calendar.
This year, on my New Year’s Day walk, through unusually empty streets with firework smoke still lingering in the air, I decided that creating a blog would be one of my resolutions.

This year, on my birthday, driving through the empty streets in the middle of the night, I decided to make this New Year’s resolution a reality. I wanted to achieve something, so my birthday, the congratulations and presents wouldn’t feel as empty.


This is why I want to welcome you to Wild Whirl!
A wish I had for years, a website I had for eight months, and the final drive I had just now.

Wild Whirl is a perfect description of my life at times. A whirl of emotions, places, people and interests; all of it mostly based on my curious and rambly nature.

I want to share stories of anything and everything. Past experiences, places I got to visit, amazing tasting and looking food, pictures I took and am proud of, and other things that bring me joy – or an occasional moment of bewilderment.

For now I don’t want to make promises in regards to posting schedules. I am currently in the process of writing my thesis, and finishing my master’s degree, but I’ll make sure to share something at least once a month.

A Wild Whirl.
Come and join me on this ride!

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