Goodbye Hamburg

Goodbye Hamburg

There’s been a lot of goodbyes on here lately.
This is the one that I was most excited for, but at the same time very worried about.
I have lived in Hamburg for a little over two years. And it has been pretty hard on me.
I moved here, right after I came back from New York City, the city that I fell in love with so hard, that no other could have compared after.

Hamburg is beautiful, and it had a lot in store for me, but it wouldn’t let me have it easy.
After a year of struggling I could finally feel at home, I worked out the ways of the city, and the people living in it became less of a mystery.
I think I had the wrong expectations going into it. I expected Hamburg to be another big city on my list, but it proved me wrong. While Hamburg statistically is a big city , it doesn’t behave as one. People are always nice, but it takes some time to actually get close to them. Which is frustrating to me, because I am very impatient and used to being accepted, at least by people I shared common interests with.
But Hamburg is different, things in common don’t just open doors for you, they unlock them, but you still have to wait outside patiently until they deem you worthy of coming inside.

It sounds like I’m being negative, which I’m not. People in Hamburg are just more cautious of who they are willing to trust, which is not a bad quality at all. It’s just one that doesn’t agree with my impatient and optimistic nature when it comes to people.
I wasn’t used to being held at a distance, especially my last experiences had always led me to people that embraced me. Which was the one thing I was missing the most in my first months in Hamburg.
But eventually, people opened the door for me, and let me in, and they became some of my closest friends, because we took the time to get to know each other.

My favorite times in Hamburg, were always the ones spent with my team. I have always loved dancing, since I started ballroom dancing in 2004. Hamburg gave me the chance to compete in a latin dance team of 16 people. It gave me great friends, great memories, tons of adrenaline rushes, and made me cry the ugliest tears when I had to say goodbye.

hamburg danceteamMe and my partner at a formation competition. Credit for the picture goes to fovento.

But I had to say goodbye to it all, to move on to something I had wanted for almost two years.

I am now back in the city I fell in love with. I am back in New York City and I have so many things to share about this journey, and my time here.

Thank you Hamburg for all you have taught me, given me and for all the grayness I had to endure, you made me stronger.
Goodbye for now.


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