I’m into artists, creatives, musicians. I’m into people that follow their dreams. I’m into passion, drive, and energy. I’m into open minds and open hearts. I’m into people who don’t judge. I’m into optimists or realists, that radiate positivity. I’m into people that wear their hearts on their sleeves. I’m into extroverts, and into shy. I’m into people that command rooms. I’m into humor – wholesome, dark, or dry. I’m into honesty, even when it hurts sometimes. I’m into good communication and compromises. I’m into great listeners, and deep discussions. I’m into weird, and into smart. I’m into hard workers, who sometimes forget to saykeep reading

It’s been 35 days since I landed at JFK international airport. 35 days in the city, that I missed deeply, and loved so much. 35 days in the city, that I used to call home. A lot has happened in those 35 days, that I’m actually willing to say, that it feels like more days have passed. I am back, but it doesn’t feel like I’m back entirely. There have been some hiccups, some bad moments, some sad evenings, but no doubts have crossed my mind. I am where I am supposed to be for now. And even if it doesn’t always work out thekeep reading

There’s been a lot of goodbyes on here lately. This is the one that I was most excited for, but at the same time very worried about. I have lived in Hamburg for a little over two years. And it has been pretty hard on me. I moved here, right after I came back from New York City, the city that I fell in love with so hard, that no other could have compared after.keep reading

Dear 2017, You’ve been a mess, really. All over the place, with lows that hit hard, and few highs that look bleak comparably. Let’s not recount the hardships and losses, but rather focus on the good things that happened. I am grateful for all my friends, the new ones, the ones I have known for half of my life, the ones that I had lost and that came back this year, and the ones that are far away and still never make me question our bond. I am thankful for the experiences, the trips, the food, and the safety that I got to enjoy overkeep reading

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I don’t like my birthday. It feels just like any other day, with no specific meaning. And yet, people hand me presents and tell me they care. And I only feel like I haven’t achieved anything to deserve it. I do love New Year’s Day. It feels like a new beginning, and a¬†fresh start, with blank pages in a new calendar. This year, on my New Year’s Day walk, through unusually empty streets with firework smoke still lingering in the air, I decided that creating a blog would be one of my resolutions. This year, on my birthday, driving through the empty streets in thekeep reading